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Hello , And welcome to our reseller program and Webmasters Content registration pages.. I will explain here how this works so you know which section to fill out ! or both sections if your a webmaster looking to make lots of extra $$$$ and please

Note ! you do not need to be a webmaster to participate in this agressive sales program ! if you have a YAHOO group, a MSN group, or even a profile that gets attention ! you can add the codes we send you to add to your page etc that can start earning you $$$ in sales.. Pretty cool huh.. The LA T Girls are looking to help you in any way we can as well..

Resellers: This program works very simple.. Checks are cut weekly and payed through a third party "ZAMBAIO"who is our dedicated merchant. When you join our program,. you will recieve a user and password to gain access to your personal sales pages so you know at all times what sales you have produced.. Thats why we use a third party to keep it all up front and level..

I will share up to 75% recurring to 60 percent

What the share means is I split that sale with you, and all further recurring sales from that point.. so the more you sale ! the higer you're percent to sales ratio is.. This is a very agressive program ! and you could earn a great deal in profit sharing with us all...

My 4 program options formats

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